Member: Student Tim
I am glad to have the time start thinking more about how I can deal with something I feel is unfair or someone who mistreated me. There is a lot of theological history to that in this weeks study I am glad to be presented that the way has been paved by many others so I don't feel alone. I get to rediscover those truths and I hope to share a few good words to help in my circle of contacts
Dec 4 2019
Member: Richard
Dec 3 2019
Member: snct
thank you
Nov 27 2019
Member: HM16
so helpful
Oct 21 2019
Member: Student Tim
we talked about slogans to live by and I learned about the subtle messages life gives us and the time helped me distance from it a bit and I feel much more focused and comfortable with my spiritual needs
Oct 21 2019
Member: User_vnumwz
100% best advice anywhere! Robert is a great man.
Oct 19 2019
Member: Student Tim
reinforced some positive themes in the readings and in the movies to make it easier to review.
Oct 7 2019
Member: HM16
Sep 24 2019
Member: Student Tim
This session we looked at nature to see how healthy habits can be blocked but also looked at the bigger questions of pain and problems. I am excited about the reading and glad to have somebody who can explain related passages.
Sep 23 2019
Member: Ryan
Sep 17 2019

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