Member: TheListeningDr
Thank you for your support and guidance. It's helped me put things in perspective and not require to act in urgency. Merry Christmas:)
Dec 20 2019
Member: Student Tim
This week the focus was on being diplomatic with self talk and remembering to acknowledge the good even if it doesn't seem to be working initially. The beauty of the stories discussed is that there is power behind what we do and say; that is more than enough!
Dec 16 2019
Member: HM16
he's the best
Dec 13 2019
Member: TheListeningDr
Thank you for making so much sense to all makes sense:)
Dec 12 2019
Member: Mike_The_Missile
Great advice and insight.
Dec 11 2019
Member: Student Tim
I am glad to have the time start thinking more about how I can deal with something I feel is unfair or someone who mistreated me. There is a lot of theological history to that in this weeks study I am glad to be presented that the way has been paved by many others so I don't feel alone. I get to rediscover those truths and I hope to share a few good words to help in my circle of contacts
Dec 4 2019
Member: Richard
Dec 3 2019
Member: snct
thank you
Nov 27 2019
Member: HM16
so helpful
Oct 21 2019
Member: Student Tim
we talked about slogans to live by and I learned about the subtle messages life gives us and the time helped me distance from it a bit and I feel much more focused and comfortable with my spiritual needs
Oct 21 2019
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