Member: Student Tim
so grateful to be able to talk about problem solving on a regular basis so I feel better about reacting differently than I have in the past. Robert reminds me of how to understand culture so I am not wasting energy but improving as a person so I can handle more
Feb 10 2020
Member: HM16
the best
Feb 5 2020
Member: Student Tim
I get a lot of information on being grateful and maintaining a healthy outlook sometimes I forget this in my off time but today was kind of an art lesson so I got a word picture of what is going on behind the things I know to be true about physics and how use that in any stressful situations by calling on a higher power
Jan 27 2020
Member: HM16
Always great
Jan 26 2020
Member: Mike
Jan 22 2020
Member: Mike
Jan 16 2020
Member: Student Tim
I am so glad to have the stories and explanations about the scriptures and personal travel experiences Robert gives that always leave me with an exclamation point and more to think about.
Jan 13 2020
Member: HM16
always helpful
Jan 12 2020
Member: Student Tim
We talked about responses to impossible situations and getting the appropriate wording down as we describe the problem. The fact that God is the word was reassuring and getting that information during a busy time was a great way to end the year.
Dec 30 2019
Member: TheListeningDr
Thank you...
Dec 21 2019

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