Teresah Away
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Defining your Dreams

I have read many books on the different definitions and explanations of dreams. What does it mean when you "fall" in your dream? I have the answer! Deja vu? Chat with me!


BA Liberal Arts, Certified Fitness Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Accredited Life Coach

My Expert Service

Dream interpretation is neither a modern trend nor a passing fad. It is has been with us for countless generations, and it will stay with us till the end of times. Why is that? Because dreams have the power to evoke our deepest emotions, to denude our most secret desires and fears, and all the while they enchant us, frighten us, but, most often, bemuse us. Simply put, dreams enrich our lives. What are your dreams? Defining Life Coaching is akin to defining life. There are as many definitions. My practice involves assisting people to identify and realize their goals and aspirations by making them more self-aware and by developing their hidden and manifest talents and potential. I have the tools and abilities to help you find your own direction. You will not be told what to do with your life, you will figure it out for yourself. You will not be judged. 100% confidentiality.

Experience & Qualifications

I have studied many aspects of mental, physical and spiritual fitness. I am only a guide to show you what there is, what you have yet to see. I am a tool for you to use; explore your life!