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(30% Discount offer for Accounting & Finance Work) Expert in Accounting, Finance, Project Management, HRM, Auditing, Marketing and all other Business Subjects.


ACMA (Position holder) , CIMA UK (Finalist)& Bachlores of commerence

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Financial Accounting and Analysis:
Preparing financial statements, Contract accounting (IAS 12) , Joint venture accounting (IAS 31), Investment in Associate IAS (IAS 28), Cash flow statement (IAS 7), Lease agreement (IAS 17), Group accounting/consolidation (IAS 12 & IFRS 3), Deferred taxation (IAS 12), Accounting for property, plant & Equipment (IAS 16), Ratio analysis, vertical/horizontal analysis and drafting reports on performance and efficiency of organizations.

Cost and Management accounting:
Process costing, budgeting, standard cositing, target costing, life cycle costing, flexible budgeting, zero budgeting, activity based costing, cost volume profit analysis, break even point analysis, variance analysis, make or buy decision, management of scares resources and optimum production management.

Financial management:
Formulation of financial strategy, financial decisions, investment decision and project controls, management of short & long term debts, management of capital structure, working capital management (including inventory management, credit policy management and creditor payment management), evaluation of investment using discounted cash flow, payback period, average accounting profit techniques, rational investment decision, international investment decision and control of exchange rate risk by hedging etc.

Auditing, internal control and risk management:
Auditing and Principles of Auditing, Legal, Professional and Ethical Considerations, Auditing Planning and Evaluation, Quality controls, Audit Techniques and Procedures, Documentation and Evidence of Audit Work, Completion Stage of an audit, Reporting Function, Role of Corporate Governance in Mitigation of Risks, Risk management process, financial risks management.

Project Management:
Project management techniques, procedures, completion, post reviewing,responsibilities setting, network diagram, Critical path analysis. Complete Project Report.

Others subjects:
Human resource management ( duties, power, authority, delegation, potential assessment and promotions). Micro economics and macro economics and Quantitative Methods

Experience & Qualifications

Two and half years of coaching experience to ACCA, CAT , MBA (Finance), CMA.).
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