Member: wad
perfect as usual
Oct 17 2020
Member: wad
Sep 19 2020
Member: wad
Jun 20 2020
Member: User_bviuba
Moeen Expert Online did not tutor me well. I hired him via email for $15 to receive good tutoring. However, I later failed. I then asked for refund. He changed the price to $12. I refused to pay because it was not fair. Presto reviewers declined my refusal to pay when they should not have done so. They had given the full payment to Moeen Expert Online despite the fact that he did not provide any clarifications. Moeen Expert Online's service was poor.
Nov 5 2017
Member: Abdul
A comprehensive work. Thanks man
Oct 11 2017
Member: User_yfvvnx
Moeen was very honest, willing to help me, I def recommend him, he is great.
Mar 26 2017
Member: Sharif
He's brilliant.
Mar 25 2017
Member: Rose
great service!
Mar 4 2017
Member: mamdxb
Feb 26 2017
Member: Sharif
Feb 17 2017

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