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ubaid khan

ubaid khan Away
Expert in:
Chip Design

PCB designing,how to make PCB videos and steps are available,Microprocessor and Interfacing,Class Assignments,FPGA related work,Programming,Control system and its soft wars.

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. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


bachelor of Computer Engineering.

My Expert Service

• I have experience of designing PCB related to micro controllers and its software design also knows the ways of populating (inserting the components on board) the PCB. • Steps of debugging the PCB board. • I have videos which make you clear that how to make the PCB and theoretical steps are also available. • Semester projects are available related to microprocessor and interfacing. • Ideas of projects are available. • Class assignments can also be done for you related to the field or unrelated assignments can also be done in an engineered way. • Have an experience of Verilog-HDL programming. • Semester projects are also available in FPGA (Counting system using FPGA). • If you are interested in programming I can give you help in following languages. • C++, C, MAT LAB, Assembly language and many others according to your need. • I have solved problems related to control system using the software TRILOGY and MAT LAB. • TRILOGY is the software through which machines are controlled in industry and different PLD (programmable logic design)

Experience & Qualifications

• Work as a hardware engineer where I check and analyze many hard wares. • Experience of making of PCB in my semester studies and also made a project of micro-controllers which consist of PCB.The project was” ball levitation using AT MEGA 32 Micro controller”. • Made a project using FPGA “Counting system through FPGA”. • Solve many design problems of control system using the TRILOGY and MAT LAB soft wares.