LivePerson is
Proud to Announce
As the market leader in Expert help and online advice, we pride ourselves on being the best solution
anywhere on the web when you're looking for real-time help from top professionals. We've taken the best
aspects of our LivePerson Expert Advice site and built in great new features and functionality to improve
your experience. You'll find PrestoExperts simpler to navigate, narrow down what you're looking for, and
get the right help immediately.

PrestoExperts is ready for you!

There's no need to create a new account on PrestoExperts. Sign in using the same
username and password that you use on LivePerson. All of your client information is
carried over to the new site, including payment information, session history, account
balance, and your favorite Experts.

Get help your way.

We've got Experts, you've got options. Choose to post a request on our homepage and get
offers sent to your mailbox, or browse expert profiles and connect via your preferred
communication method: chat, phone or email. You decide what works best for you.

Post your request

Looking for help with school assignments,
coding or business projects? The fastest way
to get an Expert on it is to type your question
on our homepage. Within minutes, Experts will
respond to you with offers to help.

Choose your expert

Want to get advice from one of our Experts in
professional counseling, legal, health or any of our other
600+ categories in real time? The best way to reach out
is via instant chat, on the phone, or by email to get
the help you need.

Just browse our Experts' profiles by category, read their
ratings and reviews, and select the one you want to
work with. And, if you already have a favorite Expert,
just look for them by screen name in the search box!

When you arrive on the site, you'll immediately see a big search box prompting you to ask your
question. Don't be shy! This is your portal to reach the right Expert, right away. So just type in what
you need and you're off and running.

Here's an example.
When you need help with a chemistry paper, you just type in: "I need help with my chemistry
paper." You then pick category "Education," then subcategory "Chemistry," then fill in the details
when prompted. Before you know it, Experts are competing to help you. Presto!

Here are a few of our great new features

PrestoExperts is easier to navigate than ever.
Our new interface makes it incredibly quick to get the right Expert on the job.
An all-new mailbox interface.
Your redesigned mailbox page makes it easy to see and sort offers from our Experts.
The most suitable offers from the most relevant Experts will always appear on top!
A new notification bar.
PrestoExperts now offers a handy notification bar that alerts you to new messages
whether you're in your mailbox or not. Never miss a message, get help fast!
Tablet Access.
Away from your computer? Now you can chat using your tablet!
Better matching with Experts for higher quality work.
PrestoExperts' new interface now matches your request to the relevant
Experts who are best qualified to help you. You'll receive offers only
from those who are most knowledgeable on your topic, giving you faster
results and higher quality work.
  • What is PrestoExperts?

  • PrestoExperts is a site dedicated exclusively for LivePerson Expert customers. PrestoExperts works just like LivePerson, only better! We've worked hard and built tons of new features to provide the trusted, quality expertise in real time that you've come to expect from LivePerson Experts.

  • Why did we name it PrestoExperts?

  • We believe the name reflects the core qualities of the service our Experts provide: Presto:Quick, convenient, in real-time. Experts:Trust and quality.

  • Do I need to create a new account on PrestoExperts?

  • There's no need to create a new account. Sign in using the same username and password that you use on LivePerson. All of your client information is carried over to the new site, including payment information, session history, account balance, and your favorite Experts.

  • How do I sign in to PrestoExperts?

  • Click the sign in button at the top of the page and use your regular LivePerson Expert sign-in information.

  • Can I still use LivePerson Experts?

  • We think you’ll find the new experience on PrestoExperts superior, but yes, LivePerson Experts will continue to operate for the next few months. Please note, we will be offering special coupons exclusively for use on PrestoExperts, so we encourage you to check back often.

  • Are all LivePerson Experts going to be on PrestoExperts?

  • Yes. All LivePerson Experts will appear on the new PrestoExperts site.

  • How do I find my favorite Expert on PrestoExperts?

  • Know your Expert's screen name? Just type it into the search box in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Presto! You can also find your recently contacted Experts by logging in and scrolling down to the “My Experts” section on the homepage.

  • Will I still have access to my billing and session history for transactions conducted on LivePerson?

  • Yes, all history has been transferred to PrestoExperts.

  • What happens to my account balance?

  • Your account balance carries over to PrestoExperts. You can use it on either PrestoExperts or LivePerson Experts.

  • What happens to my current open requests on LivePerson?

  • Any outstanding tasks that you have on LivePerson Experts will also be accessible on PrestoExperts.

  • Has LivePerson sold PrestoExperts?

  • No, PrestoExperts is still part of LivePerson.

  • How do I contact customer support?

  • Click the “contact us” link at the bottom of any page. In order to send an email to the support team, type “Email” in the “Get Instant Answers” box. You will then be provided with a link to email the support team.