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Expert in designing Schematic and single layer to multiple layers PCB using Orcad Capture and layout Plus.



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My industrial projects are listed below •GPU (Ground Power Unit) Vehicle mounted Ground Power Unit for Air craft. My part was to make Electronics Control, voltage and Current Regulation and securities implementations. •MIB Tester FPGA based test bench for the on ground testing of MIB. FPGA communicates with PC through USB and it implements the commands given to it by PC software, developed in Visual Basic. •Floppy Drawer Emulator FPGA based hardware emulator for the Floppy Drives. It works like a Floppy Drive, It sends and receive data from Floppy Drive Controller according to protocols and stores it on Flash memory instead of a Floppy Disk. •Spectrum Analyzer Analogue signal is converted into digital through A to D convertor. Digitalized data is sent to PC through USB after being processed by FPGA. FFT calculator is implemented in FPGA and PC software developed in Visual Basic display the results. •Anti collision LED 115V ac is converted into DC through bridge rectifier and then capacitor is charged through PWM based controller. The capacitor is discharged instantaneously to produce flash light through power LEDs. Controller is implemented with FET and PIC micro controller. •Charge Controller for Solar Panel PIC micro controller based charge controller is designed for variable input range from 16 to 28 V from Solar Pane. Output is regulated through PWM based voltage regulator. Current sensing is done through shunt resistance for over current protection. Over voltage protection is provided by voltage division and Relays. •Analysis of Commonly used Adders It is Comparative study of digital adders with respect to different design requirements. The main focus in the project was on the Timing Analysis and Area Analysis of Commonly used Adders using the Alli@nce and Xilinx VLSI Tools. •Digital Design of home automation system. Home automation and security is provided through simple electronic hardware consisting of gates, flip flops and RF id reader. •Serial interfacing of FPGA with PC. FPGA communication with PC is established using RS232 Protocol. •Data sampling through parallel port of PC for analysis. Data sampling unit was made using parallel port of PC for further analysis and computation. •Water mineralization plant Water mineralization plant was made for Oil and Gas industry using FPGA and solenoid switches. •Traffic control system Traffic signal was made using PIC Micro Controller. The timer for the traffic control signal is adjustable.

Experience & Qualifications

I have total of 5 years of work experience which is details as # 1 year in Telecommunication sector in Quality assurance. # 4 years experience in custom equipment development with Air force as Design Engineer.