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Special Ed Consultant

Special Ed Consultant Away
Expert in:
Special Education

Masters in Education, licensed to teach and consult in special education ages 5-21.

Please Note
The Expert is temporarily unavailable, but expects to resume service on
5/20/2015 11:59:59 PM. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Master of Education, Major: Special Education. Bachelor of Arts, Major: Elementary Education. Licensed in Iowa to consult and teach ages 5-21.

My Expert Service

My experience as an educational consultant, special education teacher, and parent of two gifted sons uniquely qualifies me to help and assist administrators, teachers, parents and students with any and all questions related to education. I am passionate about my work involving all levels and all areas of education. I eagerly consult, collaborate, and coach with others to find the best educational setting, instruction, and curriculum for all kids.

Experience & Qualifications

I am experienced and qualified to teach and consult for students ages 5-21. I evaluate students for eligibility purposes. I work closely with teachers, administrators and parents. Most of all, I never stop learning! I want what is best for our kids and strive daily toward this endeavor. I believe in differentiation of learning and assessing student growth daily. I agree in the professional learning community model and work within this framework. I look at school-wide systems that will help not only the special student but the general education student. I operate under a non-negotionable structure of intervention for both academic and behavioral needs. I look at the environment, curriculum, and instruction before looking at the individual learner. I believe in positive behavior support (PBS) and am a coach and trainer of PBS. I know relationships come first and I do belive all kids can learn!