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Six Sigma - Lean Expert

Six Sigma - Lean Expert Away
Expert in:
Professional Training

Industrial Performance Engineering and Management, Production & Planning Management, Mechanical Engineering Assignments

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1. MBA in Industrial Performance Management (Student) 2. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering 3. Diploma and practical experience of almost 3 years in Microsoft office tools.

My Expert Service

1. Solutions of the Industrial Performance Management and Engineering, Production & Planning Management plus I can help in the B.Sc level Mechanical engineering assignements and issues. 2. Special help regarding the Final year projects for mechanical engineers will be offered at reasonable cost. 3. I can also help in the microsoft office related issues. a. Microsoft Words. b. Microsoft Excel. c. Microsoft Power point. d. Microsoft Outlook. SEASONAL OFFER: Special prices for university level engineering projects at quick time span and reasonable prices. CONTACT ME

Experience & Qualifications

1. Industrial Performance Coordinator = 7 months 2. Production and Planning Engineering = One and half year. 3. Project Engineer = 6 months 4. During all theses assignments, I have done exclusive work on the microsoft office tool.