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Liza M. Shaw

Liza M. Shaw Away
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I have been a professional Parenting Coach and Counselor since 1993. I am an official Teacher of the renowned Parenting with Love and Logic Method.


MA in Marriage and Family Therapy; Certification in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy; Parenting with Love and Logic (tm) teacher

My Expert Service

Renowned Parenting/Relationship Expert and Host of "Power to Thrive Radio" is available to exclusively coach you in moving beyond survival... beyond the limits from your past, to creating a thriving life! (tm) "Problems with our childen can drain parents and cause the entire family distress. Children know how to "push our buttons," and once they learn this, it can feel like a constant power struggle. The methods I have been trained in are proven and they work! I have years of experience successfully empowering parents to take a leadership position in their family to set firm but loving limits with kids. Once parents learn and practice the simple (but not necessarily always easy!)skills they are missing, in many cases the children calm right down and their behavior problems no longer exist."

Experience & Qualifications

My entire career has involved helping people move past difficult circumstances and developing worthwhile, fulfilling lives. I am a teacher in the well-known "Parenting with Love and Logic" method. I am especially committed to assisting people to create amazing families. I teach conflict resolution courses, specializing in teaching how 1 person can forever alter patterns in relationships. I am also highly qualified in helping people move past Addictions and Codependency, using the 12-Step Recovery Model and other therapeutic modalities. If you are having trouble with children and alcoholism/addiction, you have found the right person to assist you!