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I am an engineer, a "Building and Architectural Engineer" to be exact giving me technical and artistic expertise making me a multi-faceted professional.


BSc. Building and Architectural Engineering. MSc. Construction Engineering and Management. MSc. Architectural Engineering.

My Expert Service

Architectural Design, Graphic Design along with Engineering Design are all my forte. Additionally I hold expertise in Business, Marketing, Maths and Languages. You will find me to be a dynamic expert having command over a wide spectrum of subject areas. I also possess knowledge of a number of softwares such as office, autocad, 3ds max, sketchup, photoshop etc. Also Engineering software like Pspice, Matlab, Simulink etc,

Experience & Qualifications

I graduated as a BUILDING ENGINEER in 2010. I graduated among the top 5% percent of my class, averaging at above 80% and since then have been offered numerous scholarships and grants. I am quite fluent in the English language with an IELTS score of 8.0. I have tutored a number of my class fellows in a variety of subjects. I possess comprehensive knowledge in the fields of architecture and building construction & systems engineering. I worked on a rehabilitation project as a part of an international competition and was able to score third place in the asia-pacific region. Additionally, I have expert knowledge of maths and it happens to be one of my passions. Comprehensive grasp of MS Office being another of my skills especially; word, excel and powerpoint