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Jennifer J. Moheyer, Esq.

Jennifer J. Moheyer, Esq. Away
Expert in:
Divorce Law

Acclaimed Divorce & Custody Lawyer/Strategist


Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in Law

My Expert Service

My goal is to share the divorce knowledge and professional experiences that I've gained over the years, in order guide and assist others who need uplifted throughout their divorce process. **NOTE: the state DC Bar regulations prohibit holding oneself out as "an expert", so I do not accept the designation**

Experience & Qualifications

Experienced providing professional divorce/custody guidance to over 450 individuals; Actively practicing divorce/custody law as a Principal Attorney in the Moheyer Law Group (DC/MD/VA area); Aggressive advocate on behalf of divorcing families as the President/CEO of the National Divorce Support Alliance; and also Founder of the DC Divorce Support Group