Masters in Computer Science MBA Marketing Bachelors in Mathematics and Physics

My Expert Service

I am an very active Twitter power-user tweeting most of the day. I can help you with twitter applications, automatic tweet scheduling and publishing, integration with blogs and websites and twitter marketing, or any general questions regarding #twitter technology and its jargon.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been working with international clients since 1998 in diverse domains including web development, 3D graphics systems, ERP solutions, Ecommerce software, SEO Internet Marketing and Optimization, using a multitude of tools and technologies. Recently, was part of the founding team of a Silicon Valley biotech startup (1000+ employees), from its conception till a multi-million dollar acquisition - and was involved in all aspects of the product from R&D to marketing. My latest long-term consulting assignment was with the Blue Brain Project in the 3D graphics and modeling domain. I have a team of quality software professionals available to take up medium to large scale projects.