Shabbirhej Away
Expert in:
Organic Chemistry

I can assist you in Organic Chemistry, Organic reaction mechanisms, stereochemistry, structure elucidation of compounds by Spectroscopy; NMR, Mass, I.R, UV Spectroscopy.


Ph.D Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General chemistry, Natural product Chemistry and InOrganic Chemistry.

My Expert Service

Ph.D in Chemistry specialize in Organic Chemistry, expert in Organic reaction mechanisms, General Chemistry, Natural product research, Chromatography, HPLC and expertise in Spectroscopy structure elucidation of organic compounds through 1D & 2D NMR, Mass spectrometry, I.R, and UV spectroscopy.

Experience & Qualifications

Tutoring Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Organic Reaction Mechanisms, General chemistry,stereochemistry Structural elucidation of Organic compounds through 1D & 2D NMR, I.R, U.V and Mass spectrometry, and expertise in quick solving assignments.