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Shabbirhej Away
Expert in:

I can assist you in Bio-organic chemistry and biomoleculcules, carbohydrate and protein chemistry ,presentation preparation and research articles reviews.


Ph.D Thesis submitted

My Expert Service

I am a Ph.D researcher in Chemistry specialize in Organic Chemistry, Bio organic Chemistry, Biomolecules, I can assist assist you in Organic reaction mechanisms, Natural product research, Spectroscopy i.e having experties in structure elucidation of compounds through NMR, Mass, I.R, U.V techniques and Research articles writing for Organic chemistry. While organic synthetic pathways/ mechanism can be described.

Experience & Qualifications

Tutoring Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Bio organic chemistry, Biomolecules, Organic Reaction Mechanism, Structural elucidation of Organic compounds through specroscopy i.e NMR, I.R, U.V, Mass spectrometry,and Synthetic Pathways /Mechanisms. Quick Solving assignments experties.