Jim Bierman, Clinical Psychologist, Ph. D.

Jim Bierman, Clinical Psychologist, Ph. D. Away
Expert in:
Professional Counseling

For confidential psychotherapy for individuals, families, and couples. In marital and premarital counseling, I use the protocol described in "Of Sound Mind to Marry".


PhD in Clinical Psychology, Cerified Parenting Evaluator from the University of Washington, 14 years of clinical experience. I've served as expert witness for the Court, private parties, business, Social Security and Workers Compensation since 1999.

My Expert Service

Individual Psychotherapy on a brief or longterm basis. Premarital counseling in six 90 minute sessions. In this semi-structured format, we explore all of the critical elements that go into building a lasting, satisfying relationship. Marriage counseling is also best done in 90 minute sessions. I'm available to help inidividuals or couples at any stage of their relationship. In addition to psychotherapy, we can also use online questionnaires that uncover the strengths and growth areas for couples. Please send me an email to schedule an appointment.

Experience & Qualifications

Extensive training and clinical experience working with persons of all ages who are struggling with individual or marital problems. For more information, please see my book "Of Sound Mind to Marry; a Reality Check from the Marriage Counselor for Pre-Weds".