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Legal Services

Training is the key to survival. Not knowing is just not good enough these days and may cost you more than the training.


Certified Intermediate Instructor, Advance Law Enforecment Certification

My Expert Service

I have created over 50 training courses for Law Enforcement, Security, businesses and the community. I can provide information, advice, training techniques, and lesson plans. I have several sucessful training business and know that that you will benifit from my advice. I can help with instructor development, lesson plan development, power point creation, adult learning principles, liability, plus all the crime related courses developed. Contact me for more details.

Experience & Qualifications

20 years prior Military and Law Enforcement Experience. Certified Detective and Police Trainer. Expertise in Narcotics, Drug Trafficking, Prostitution and Vice, Undercover Operations, Fraud and Theft, Search Warrant Service, Preparation and RAIDS. All types of Criminal Activity, Case Creation, Investigation, Court Submittal and Prosecution. Drug Recognition Expert. Training Developer, Medical Marijuana, Hidden Compartments, Drug routes , Police Liabilities, and Instructor Development. Worked closely with DEA, FBI, Secret Service, HIDTA, Special Task Forces, US Marshals Service, Criminal Intelligence, State, County and Local Law Enforcement and District and Federal Attorneys. Provide Community assistance regarding Drug Addiction and Use. Large Networking groups and contacts throughout most of the US.