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Yolanda D Castro

Yolanda D Castro Away
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Health & Medicine

Challenges that present themselves to people caring for cognitively disadvantaged children and adults are challenging.


Adminstration of Jusctice, BA -Social Work BSW

My Expert Service

Through proven techniques I can help you relieve stress and overwhelming feelings of helplessness. I currently work as a Qualified Mental Retardation/ Health Professional certified through the state of Illinois. I have worked with dual diagnosed people for 10 years now and can offer advice and guidance during this traumatic time of your life. I have worked within several state and private agencies regarding social services, child and adult protection services, mental health, mental health liaison, and mental health coordinator. Whenever someone takes the journey of a mental, physical, or spiritual illness it is more than just “being” sick. All of these illnesses affect individuals in a different way it can be something that can affect every part of your life not to exclude your relationships, your rationalizations, your expectations, and your life. With techniques that have tested and proven I can help you to overcome your feeling so of hopelessness. I can help you to retire your lost and confused thoughts. As I stated before I have worked in the Social Services field for 10 years and have met and treated many people, families, and clients. My area of specialty is Social Work and Administration of Justice however I have helped many people with dual diagnosis mental illness. Your mental capacity is something that every counselor should take into perspective when treating and dealing with any of your issues. I take into account the entire person, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are not many people that can suffer massive setbacks in their lives and not reach out for help. I have helped individuals just like you. You are not alone and with my help we can overcome any hurtles in your life. Whether it is aging or helping an aging person or mental readiness for child birth I can help you. BA- Administration of Justice BSW- Bachelor in Social Work

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