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Dr Adahan's practice emphasizes the use of the natural healing forces invested in light and sound in order to bring natural pain relief without the side effects of traditiona


md.,cm.-McGill '88- CCFP, FRCP, FABPM+R (1996-2006)

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With his love for Physical Medicine, Pain medicine, Sports Medicine, physics and technology, Dr. Adahan has distinguished himself as a reputable Physician, clinician, researcher, author, teacher, presenter, technician and skilled Medical and Rehabilitation Team Leader. His 18 Years of experience and a talent for staying on the cutting edge of his area of expertise allow him to help many patients avoid the unpleasant prospect of surgery or injections by exploring new , effective, proven and original approaches to treatment based on the best possible scientific evidence. His broad expertise in Pain management that comes with being the Head of the Pain Rehabilitation Center in his country's largest hospital as well as previous appointments as Acting associate Professor at the University of Montreal and McGill University. Dr Adahan held both American & Canadian Medical Specialist Credentials and is a diplomate of The Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine. Dr Adahan is considered the World Expert in the clinical use of Low Frequency ultrasound therapies for trigeminal neuralgia Neuropathic pain with expertise in laser therapies as well Internationally recognized prize winning Pain management Expert -whether you suffer from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain,facial pain, trigeminal neurlagia, fibromyalgia, patellofemoral pain,

Experience & Qualifications

Dr. Adahan lived in Montreal Canada where he directed one of Canada's largest Freestanding Private Academic Pain Rehabilitation and Research centers from 2002-2008 prior to committing himself full time to the Direction of the Pain Rehabilitation unit in Israel's largest hospital. He attended McGill University and earned his medical degree and Masters in Surgery then went on to become certified in Family Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Sports Medicine. He has focused his career on finding novel approaches to treating the most difficult and disabling painful conditions such as CRPS and trigeminal neuralgia. Dr Adhan was managing editor of the emedicine project – PM+R division for a number of years. Dr. Adahan has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment in the broad spectrum of acute and chronic pain, from sports injuries, work injuries, motor vehicle accidents as well as disabling painful conditions affecting the Joints, tendons, Spine, Dr Adahan also treats a wide variety or neurological pains such as Migraine and trigeminal Neuralgia or the sequelae of Neurological injury or disease. His experience directing large Pain Rehabilitation Centers helped him develop a broad wholistic multi-disciplinary approach integrating the latest cutting edge technologies so that all patients receive the best possible care. His interventions have helped many avoid the frightening prospect of surgery and/or injections as well as minimize unnecessary side effects of medication. • Short Biography of Dr. Adahan: • 1988: Graduated McGill University in Medicine. • 1994: Completed Residency in PM+R at the University of Ottawa. • 1996-2000: Acting Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine – Division of PM+R at the University of Montreal. • 1996: Winner of the AAPM+R « Young Investigator Award ». • 1997: Diploma in Sports Medicine (Canadian Association of Sports Medicine). • 1997: Winner of the P.A.S.S.O.R. research prize. • 1998-99: Fellowship training in Interventional Pain Management, Université Catholique de Louvain, Brussels • 1999: Winner of the Quebec Order of Radiologists Research Prize. • 1999-2002: Acting Assistant Professor of the Department of Rheumatology at McGill University and staff at the prestigious Pain Clinic headed by Dr Ronald Melzack . • 1999-2001: Managing Editor of the eMedicine Project – division of PM+R. • 1995-2001: Principal investigator of three randomized controlled trials examining the efficacy of Supra-Scapular Nerve Blocks ( VIA A NEW TECHINIQUE FOR THE BLOCK THAT I INVENTED)of which the largest is funded by the Arthritis Society of Canada. • 1994: Principal investigator of a randomized controlled trial examining the relative efficiency of custom molded versus prefabricated foot orthoses in the treatment of patellofemoral pain in athletes. • 2000-2002: Physiatrist in charge of Brain Injury and Trauma Rehabilitation Program – Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital, (McGill University affiliated). • 2002-2008: Medical Director of the Pain and Injury Rehabilitation Center. Quebec’s largest free standing private Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Center that employed 40 clinicians and received more than 1500 visits/week. • 2005-Founder of the HTB-ED Industry sponsored Pain Clinical Research unit which is now ranked top Canadian recruiter field of Pain. • 2008-Given the task of starting and directing Israel’s first Fully Structured Interdisciplinary Interventional Pain Rehabilitation Unit at the Chaim Sheba Rehabilitation Campus