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Doneta Away
Expert in:
Alternative Medicine

healthy lifestyle, herbs, vegetarian diet, exercise basics, christian based


Health Science BS,from a christian lifestyle college where my classes included nutrition, exercise, chronic and degenerative diseases, and hydrotherapy. I practice the NEW START life style: nutrition, exercise, water, temperance, fresh air, proper rest, and trust in divine power. I am also studying a master herbalist course

My Expert Service

Are you feeling sluggish and tired for no apparent reason? I can help you make lifestyle changes in exercise, nutrition, etc., that will soon have you grooving. Want to know how to deal with common ailments without drugs? I am able to help you in the selection of herbal remedies. But my services should always be in addition to a doctor's advice. Are you interested in more healthful eating with less meat but don't know how to get started? Are you interested in a vegetarian diet but have heard of dangers? I can counsel you in a balanced healthy diet that will leave you feeling good and strong. I can also tell you where to get recipees. Have you tried to exercise but end up with cramps, and too winded and exhausted to make it worth while? I can help you get started in a sensible manner and get into a reasonable program. Contact me.If you have any illnesses, only start an exercise program if your doctor says it is okay.

Experience & Qualifications

I have had a life long interest in healthful living and natural remedies and am currently studying a master herbalist course to further my expertise. I have helped friends and neighbors with nutrition, common illnesses and to start an exercise program.