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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Expert in Football/Basketball for 10+ Years


BBA from Baruch College

My Expert Service

I've been doing Fantasy Sports and following both these sports, EXTENSIVELY, since I was only 10 years old. Introduced to fantasy by a family member, I went undefeated in my first NFL Season. I've won myself, and others, very competitive, high value, leagues, for years. Versed in all forms of Fantasy, specifically Head2Head and Roto, I can answer any question no matter how big or small, and give my own tips on draft/trade/waiver strategy at any point in the season.

Experience & Qualifications

I was a former sports handicapper on various famous forums, and was given a job to do so after that. The business got too crazy when I realized what kind of clients I was dealing with so I decided to continue handicapping myself, but focus on writing articles about the sport as well as dedicating time to the fantasy aspect.