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M. Mapes

M. Mapes Away
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Design & Creative Services

Professional writer, ghostwriter, and blogger.


BS Communications/Rhetoric

My Expert Service

I am a talented writer that is available for a variety of projects. I have a degree in Rhetoric, which gives me a deep understanding of persuasive tactics and strategies. My writing style is succinct, and I will work hard to complete your work in a professional and timely fashion.

Experience & Qualifications

Academic articles (available upon request)
Queers in the classroom: Heterosexism in college classrooms.
Hillary Clinton and Burke's Theory of Identification
Together: John Edwards and rhetorical theory
Exploring dialectic: An analysis of Socrates and Plato's theories of dialectic
Nonverbal communication examined at Panera Bread
Hillary Clinton's Beijing moment: A rhetorical criticism using critical theory

Political Blogging
Most of this work was composed while I was a volunteer with the Hillary Clinton for President campaign. Many of these blogs were converted into short newspaper articles or op-ed pieces.
Clinton's smart power strategy is just that... smart!
Right-wing conspiracy: give me a break... no give me a Hillary
Advice to Clinton supporters
General Petraeus met with skepticism
Alberto Gonzales resigns
Republicans and Respect for Life (published in the Springfield News-Leader)
Confusing strategy: Clinton, Obama, and Cuba

Other Blogging
Fender Blues Junior amp review
The importance of being out of the closet

Speech Writing (available upon request)
An academic defense of mediumship (persuasive speech)
In defense of Senator Clinton (informative speech)
The National Day of Silence (argumentative speech)
Psychics and Jury Consulting (presentation)
Sex and the argument: An analysis of interpersonal argument in Sex in the City (presentation)
A History of Ouija Boards (informative speech)