MS in Computer Science(equivalent to 18 years of education), Advance Diploma in business and communication. BS(hons)in software engineering with Silver Medal. Cisco certified Network Associate.

My Expert Service

Would hate to blow my own horn but I am one of all-time, highest ranked Expert on the “PRESTO EXPERTS“. You have just found the right person for you! Expert Tutoring and guidance in available in JAVA, jsp, j2ee, JEE5, jdbc, Servlets, Java Beans using Netbeans, Eclipse, Jblue and Jgrasp IDEs. I have years of experience with Java Programming worked with Servlets , Jsps, Beans and Netty also have Hands on experience building REST APIs and Microservices Exposure to agile development methodologies and test driven development Solid Java Interfacing proficiency in MySQL, SQL Queries,Access and Linux If you think I may be able to be of service please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am friendly, professional, and always willing to help

Experience & Qualifications

I have been working in the Technology field as a full time Computer Professional since April 2008, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience during these past 7 years. It has been a great tutoring experience on PRESTOEPERTS for last 4 years and my client are always praising me for the quality assistance. I have an extensive experience of providing quality and cost effective services for technology and business management related problems. • Worked as content editor for a Magazine publishing agency. • Served as Computer Science teacher for 2 years. • Performed part time Network administration jobs. • 6 years of experience in hardware projects. • Teaching University level Students for 3 years. Coaching students in English Language and technical writing skills for the last 5 years. • Developed number of IT related projects Used C/C++, C#, Java, JDBC, JSP/Servlets,, classic ASP using IDE as NetBeans, Eclipse, codeblocks, visual studio and Jgrasp. PHP,, HTML, web development tools, Networking, ,Linux, Unix are counted as my favourite subjects. • I have contracts with several UK and USA based companies for maintaining their online systems as well as SEO to increase their sales. • Also I have extensive experience with Databases like Oracle, SQL, Microsoft Access, Mysql, PostSql,Db2 and NOSql Databases. • I am chief editor of my Institute's Magazine.