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Apple Certified Support Professional from Sunny Southern California! Troubleshooting, Data Recovery, Upgrading, System Optimization and Maintenance of all your Apple Products!


Audio Engineering, ACSP OS X.9

My Expert Service

Need help now? I am an Apple certified Support Professional. I can help you with all of your OS X needs! Average call length 5-20 mins. There is no limit to your phone consultation time. Pay as you go. Get what you need. I provide support for basic setup, installation, assembly, and connectivity. Support for iPad and iPhone; POS, e-commerce, messages, FaceTime and Airdrop. I can help you update your system, set up accounts, connect your computer to the Web and install programs. Third Party Support! I can help you with Third Party Products to make sure that compatible products work with your Apple devices. Running a PC on a Mac: I can help you with Boot Camp, Parallels, drive partitioning and more. Get the most out of your Mac! I can help you with Mac and PC integration so that your system works flawlessly! Service Menu: * Troubleshoot software and hardware issues. *Install critical system updates and set to automatically install future updates *Create user accounts *Optimize start-up, system speed and shutdown *System Clean up menu, quick launch and toolbar shortcuts *Remove unwanted programs, spam, malware and trialware *Test network and internet connectivity on existing network *Set default web browser, homepage and search provider *Demonstrate basic functionality and answer questions *Install and configure apps/software programs *Setup email account and sync with mobile devices.

Experience & Qualifications

Certified Apple Consultant, Audio Engineer, Web Consultant specializing in Apple devices and computers. Your Mac genius! My Apple training history begins in 2002 when I began my journey with Apple. I have had extensive Apple professional training since the Jaguar Operating System. I can help you optimize your system, making purchasing recommendations and more. I am a part of the Apple Consultants Network. Certified and trusted based in Sunny Southern California.