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Expert Dave

Expert Dave Away
Expert in:
Operating Systems

I have experience with many operating systems, including client Windows, Windows Server, Mac OS X, classic Mac OS, Linux and even DOS. I have even used IOS. Give me a call!


AS in Information Technology from Keiser University

  • Keiser University Honor Roll, Fall 2009

My Expert Service

I've used PCs since the early 1990s, and the MacOS since 1985. I have experience with most Windows operating systems, including Vista, 7, server operating systems, a variety of Macs and a smattering of Linux. I can even answer DOS questions.

Technical experience includes Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS, Linux, HTML, XML, CSS, WordPress, ADRIFT, Alan, Inform, Javascript, MySQL, Cisco IOS/CLI, Active Directory, social networks, various productivity software and a variety of network hardware.

Experience & Qualifications

  • 8 years of technical support experience at a software firm
  • 4 years of experience as web developer at a business magazine
  • 9 years as system operator, newsletter editor and club officer at a Mac user group
  • 1 year at ExpertCity.com
  • 2 years as co-owner and co-founder of a graphic design and internet consulting firm
  • Years of private consulting and desktop publishing experience

Deep experience with a variety of operating systems, application suites and web development systems.

Considerable experience working with beginners, teaching computer concepts.

Author of the award-winning computer games "Menagerie!", "A Party to Murder" and "Invasion of the Second-Hand Shirts".