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Nerd-IN-Electronics Away
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I am an Engineer with 15+ years experience of embedded Systems.I develop Hardware/Firmware for MCUs like 8051,PIC,AVRs,MSP430,also available for VHDL, MATLAB and Assembly Help


PHD TU Twente – Nano Technology, MSc (TU Delft- Embedded Systems), BSc(Electrical Engineering)

My Expert Service

I am an Electrical Engineer with more than 15 years experience in the field of embedded systems. I have developed several industry level projects in embedded systems. I have worked on cores from Atmel(89x51,AVRs) and Texas Instruments(MSP430).I am also available for DSP processors and their programming(TMS320C6000).I have an extensive experience with VHDL coding and system designing in MATLAB/Simulink. My PCB designing and circuit modelling skills are unmatched and would love to take on assignment/projects on embedded systems both hardware & Software.I do have a teaching experience at B.Eng Engineering level

Experience & Qualifications

I am a well qualified electrical Engineer and served both academia and industry.I have worked for almost 5 years in industry at different roles in Research and Development of Embedded systems