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Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (2001)
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D)
Boston, MA

Coaches Training Institute(2003)
Life Coaching Training
Core Curriculum
Coaches Training Institute

License eligible – have completed requisite coursework, requisite clinical hours and hours of clinical supervision – preparing for licensing exam

My Expert Service

Business coach with doctorate in psychology will help you overcome "the shoulds" and establish a balance that meets your needs.

Often imbalance in one's life indicates that you are trying to adhere to unrealistic standards or "shoulds". All too often, people sacrifice their needs for fulfillment, personal growth, and time to themselves, while stretching themselves too thin on tasks that they feel they have to do. When too many sacrifices are made, it is hard to be efficient and often the result is a feeling of being overwhelmed and unbalanced.

Let me help you achieve a better balance in your life. I will help you listen to and overcome the inner voices that direct your efforts towards what others have indicated is important, and help you find your own priorities. I will help you let go of what you feel you "must" do and assist you in establishing a more reasonable balance; one which allows you to tend to your personal needs while fulfilling your obligations.

As a business coach with doctorate in psychology and years of experience as both therapist and coach, I offer an empowering perspective as well as practical tools.

I will provide a space where the focus is fully on you – your life, your dreams, your goals, your struggles, your concerns. You will find that I am an attentive sounding board; someone who will listen without judgment, ask the right questions and help you clarify your thoughts and desires.

Experience & Qualifications

--Licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in the State of Rhode Island. RI LIC #MHC00493
--Over 20 years experience as a counselor and therapist in clinic and hospital settings. Private practice as a life coach

--My clients describe me as easy to talk to, understanding, insightful, creative, calm, straightforward and humorous.