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Certified Coach Bill

Certified Coach Bill Away
Expert in:
Coaching & Personal Development

Certified coach partners with you to take the next right steps in bringing out your very best in your career and your life


BA, psychology, Certified coach

My Expert Service

FREE minutes for every client! I am a resourceful partner, objective, honest and caring. I am not a psychic that reads the future, but I know processes and steps that you can take starting now to create a great future for yourself! You have gifts and talents that are unique and valuable to the world. I help you match those talents with what the needs of your world by taking active steps toward your preferred work future. My ideal clients are bright, healthy adults who share my passion for sound ideas for living well, aligning our purpose with a larger one and living each day fully. I will suggest homework, offer advice or resources and give you a chance to ask anything you wish!

Experience & Qualifications

Beginning in 1995, I have been working with select individuals to align their life and work with a deeper sense of meaning and joy. I have received training in individual, corporate and clergy coaching and am certified through the Samaritan Institute.