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Consumer Credit Guru

Consumer Credit Guru Away
Expert in:
Real Estate

I can provide advice on all aspects to residential real estate including: financing foreclosure process and avoidance.


MBA - Finance, BS - Economics

My Expert Service

I can provide advice on most aspects of consumer lending and consumer loans products. Expert experience in auto lending, mortgage lending, home equity lending, credit cards, debt management, your credit score and how your actions impact your score and your ability to get approved for credit in the future. I can provide advice on loan pricing, how best to apply for credit, when you should seek a co-applicant. Should you buy or lease your next vehicle, should you refinance your existing mortgage, home equity or auto loan? Is your current credit card best for you. Are fees you are paying your bank or lender appropriate? Are there tax benefits to certain types of loans?

Experience & Qualifications

25 years of banking experience, primarily in consumer lending. I have managed most aspect of mortgage lending, home equity lending, auto lending, boat and RV lending. Additionally I have deep experience in credit card and unsecured lending.