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The Multi-Millionaire

The Multi-Millionaire Away
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Financial Planning

I make millionaires.


None - We hire the people with degrees. A survey conducted by Bloomberg in 2010 show that the school of Hard Knocks (aka high school and college drop outs) was the number one source for CEOs of S&P 500 companies (Harvard was #3)

My Expert Service

I am a “school of hard knocks” guy. I dropped out of school and became a multi-millionaire. I was surprised years ago, upon reading “The Millionaire Next Door”, to find out that most millionaires don’t waste time on trying to get too much education. I thought I was the exception, but I now see that my way of thinking is the norm for the very wealthy. They realize, as I did, that too much formal education is as much (or more) of an impediment to financial freedom, as no formal education. Statistically speaking, a college degree does help people to have higher paying jobs, but also, statistically speaking, the more education you get the less likely it is you will become a millionaire. You must break away from the masses. That means if you can't get comfortable being different (and I don’t mean a little bit different) you aint gunna be in a different wealth category. Don't kid yourself, and think you are different cuz you are the only one in your group with long hair. You have to be bolder than that. Most people don’t have the intestinal fortitude to be really wealthy (or really successful using a non-financial measure). Do You? If you do, I can help you with my “know how”. If you don’t feel you have the intestinal fortitude, I can help you develop the necessary attitude. Don’t wait, don’t be a one of the herd who is getting book smart, when what you need is a real world education that I can help you to go out and get. I will help you start your business, or sell your invention, or figure out how to overcome the hurdles you are facing. I give real world advice to real world successful people, who want to move to the next level.

Experience & Qualifications

17 years ago I founded and ran a number of Wall St investment firms. I have made a lot of people a lot of money through both entrepreneurship and investing.