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Business & Finance

Highly qualified professional! Economics, Business, Finance - all fields catered! Excellent research and writing skills! Get A's in all assignments at very low cost!


Masters in Business Administration; Bachelors of Science (Hon's) in Economics and Management; GCE Advanced Level in Economics, Business Studies, Accounting, and Law; GCSE O Levels

My Expert Service

I am highly qualified to provide advice on business and financial matters, as my educational background and work experience are directly related to these fields. I also have extensive experience in writing and editing of business reports and proposals, and making business presentations. My commendable writing skills, combined with my knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods makes me an ideal candidate for any assignments related to the fields of Business, Economics, Finance, and even Humanities and the Social Sciences.

Experience & Qualifications

At present, I am working as Assistant Manager Marketing and Communications at in a FMCG. I am primarily responsible for all business communication and in the development of marketing strategies in order to increase the market share of my company. Prior to this, I was working as Senior Research Executive at an international marketing research company. These experiences have provided me with extensive knowledge of corporate and marketing strategies, public communication, research and presentations, and have increased my knowledge in a number of different areas. I have also completed a number of internships at banks and other financial institutions, and this has increased my knowledge of accounting and financial matters.