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Barb Ruhl

Barb Ruhl Away
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Talk to me and let me help heal emotional and physical aches with energy healing.


I am currently working on a B.S. in Parapsychic Science. I am also certified in Reiki II.

My Expert Service

I am an intuitive healer. I have the gift of being able to see inside someone's energy and see where old injuries are and help to heal current issues you may have. If you are having issues that can't be helped by conventional medicine, give energy healing a try. I also have the ability to speak to those that have passed on, and can help you connect with them for closure.

While Barb is a Medium, her skills of clairvoyance lends itself to interpreting the energy and seeing it in relation to issues that have happened in the past and are currently happening. If you are looking for a psychic that can foretell the future, please look in the spirituality section and contact someone else!

Experience & Qualifications

I have helped many people connect with those that have passed on. I have also worked with those that have diabetes, cancer, chronic back pain, migraines, chronic stress with much success.


*I am a healer myself and I came to Barb for healing for my own issues. Healers tend to be able to help everyone but themselves and I often need a DIVINE PERSPECTIVE and GUIDING FORCE to help navigate with my own Issues. I found this in Barb and much more. She is truly one of the most caring healers I have ever met and you can feel that she sincerely wants to help you and take you to that next level. I am a healer and I came to her for healing. What more needs to be said ? lol CALL HER NOW! - TrinityBlissHealings

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