Member: Christer
Mar 30 2015
Member: User_8zd99c
Mar 16 2015
Member: JB1
Very helpful and practical tips that help me to move forward in my life!
Dec 9 2014
Member: BDL
Very understanding and offered good insight.
Dec 2 2014
Member: Lindie
Good, thank you for the help.
Nov 12 2014
Member: veronar
Nov 3 2014
Member: Bill
Just had a wonderful session. Very open, sharp, intuitive, and practical. I didn't want to stop. Time will tell how effective the session was in truth, but it felt enormously productive.
Jul 30 2014
Member: UptownSalsa
Phenomenal insight - I actually cried it was so perfectly atuned to my thoughts and fears, and hopes... I'm looking forward to implementing the decisions I made through our discussion.
Jul 15 2014
Member: JB1
A great listener and helpful advice. Thank you :-)
Jul 9 2014
Member: StatGuy
Really opened my eyes to my false way of thinking and gave me hope that I can cope with them.
Jul 2 2014
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