Member: AYAMAN
I had an excellent session on business accounting specifically wacc, she made a great effort trying to explain all details, it was a great session. Totally worth it. Many thanks to TQG. Hope to have more sessions with you in future. Please keep up the quality sessions Take care
May 11 2020
Member: lola
very bad
May 5 2020
Member: Reem
Shes the only one I trust. She helps me so much.
May 3 2020
Member: Sultan_
She was good but in recent days she has become liar and an exploitative.
Apr 29 2020
Member: Gerald
Top Expert!
Apr 22 2020
Member: willy
Thanks :)
Apr 8 2020
Member: willy
Thanks :)
Apr 8 2020
Member: Satel
Mar 24 2020
Member: Ahmad Qolam
Not up to expectations.
Mar 1 2020
Member: HAVO
Feb 29 2020
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