Member: Sami
Feb 16 2020
Member: mahad
outstanding !
Mar 25 2018
Member: hi123
Jul 23 2017
Member: user_998
Great forever !!!!!!!!! Highly responsive and professional expert having great insights. Again too much respect and great thanks!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 17 2016
Member: User_bfnb76
not bad, but the problem that it was hard to get him back after he helps. Before you hire him, he replies within a second. After he helps you, first thing he doesn't give you a chance to ask for a revision, you should open a new session and ask for that !! Also if you open a new session, it takes a while for him to get back to you (at least half day)! So I recommend him to make make sure that he replies to his customers, good reviews and feedback are always the most important things to look for.
Feb 26 2016
Member: Aaaa
thx , great!!! :)
Dec 31 2015
Member: user150
Sep 5 2015
Member: Sami
Apr 2 2020
Member: Sami
Apr 2 2020
Member: maryam
Apr 1 2020

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