Member: MovingForward
Very Good!
Nov 10 2018
Member: shesaidtome
So wonderful, smart and thoughtful!!
Sep 30 2018
Member: User_t5h59e
Helped slightly
Sep 27 2018
Member: brian
So greatly appreciated
Sep 26 2018
Member: Tom
Challenged me to give the matter deeper thought and during the course of our talk I did. Confirmed and enhanced some additional ideas. Great job! Thank you so much.
Jul 14 2018
Member: Davey45
Jun 29 2018
Member: DavidR
Helped me sort through a lot of issues.
May 17 2018
Member: steve8191919
May 9 2018
Member: shesaidtome
Simply wonderful. Very knowledgable and helpful. Thanks!
Apr 29 2018
Member: MovingForward
Very helpful , helped me see some decisions I had more clearly and confirmed a lot too
Mar 13 2018
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