Member: aquarius55
Mar 16 2017
Member: MMM
Thank you!!! WOW
Feb 14 2017
Member: sr7912
Sorry to go so quickly! Thank you so much again! Well tuned in and to the point. Always great insight.
Dec 14 2015
Member: sr7912
Always very quick and well tuned in! Thanks again!
Dec 7 2015
Member: dLight
awesome as usual
Nov 5 2015
Member: sr7912
Always very tuned in and to the point. Thank you so much for all your help on the situation!
Nov 1 2015
Member: sr7912
Always very quick, to the point, and detailed. So far, everything has been spot on. Thanks again!
Oct 18 2015
Member: sr7912
Sorry! Funds running low. Thank you so much! Great connection and always very in tune and accurate. Thanks again!
Oct 1 2015
Member: sr7912
Thank you as always! Always great to speak with and obtain a little clarity.
Sep 18 2015
Member: sr7912
Always great to talk to! Sorry if the connection (internet) was off today. Seemed like it was causing some weird delays. Thanks again!
Sep 6 2015

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