Member: PI Lady
Such powerful healing energy! Wow...I never felt that before. I feel so much more relaxed. Thanks Gentle Sight!
Sep 25 2012
Member: Morasanti
Really outstanding, feel so much better! She is great!
Jul 23 2012
Member: Will
She is the best. Very good person and she really cares. Employ her services and you won't go wrong
Jul 15 2012
Member: Will
She's fantastic. Very caring and effective
Jul 9 2012
Member: bmiller12
just amazing session
Jun 14 2012
Member: rainbodash
I felt a huge release of emotions after the session. And then a calm. And then a lot of energy. It is hours later and I'm wide awake. And not feeling the negative energy that I was feeling prior to the session. TY
Jun 8 2012
Member: bmiller12
fantastic, great connection, so helpful, one of the best I've spoken with ever on LivePerson
May 17 2012
Member: Lady00
fast communicator and very nice
May 10 2010
Member: StarMusic
very good
Apr 24 2010
Member: philnsf
I had a great session with her, she's very nice and easy to communicate with. She didn't rush me to hire and told me most of what the issues were even before hiring. I highly recommend her, she's very knowledgable and even gives guidance on how to deal with issues on your own. I've been to many advisors on this site and I'd rate her as exceptional, really is gifted and does care about the people she's treating. I highly recommend!
Apr 11 2010

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