Member: Brooke
Not Quite what I expected- I had hoped that it would be more carrer based.
Apr 27 2017
Member: User_wymrav
Patricia was very nice but she typed very slow so I feel like we didn't get to say as much in the conversation as I would have liked.
Sep 25 2016
Member: SMF
She's a great listener, she gave me a few good advices , but she didn't say a lot of things in the 45 minutes we spent. its very expensive.
Jul 4 2016
Member: SpartyMS
Patricia was very kind and patient. She helped me access some difficult emotions. She is compassionate and very sensitive to what you are going through. Excellent therapist who will empathize with you.
Mar 18 2016
Member: Me1208
She was very compassionate and helped me to feel better about my decisions.
May 27 2015
Member: kittystarship6000
Very understanding and wants to know details of emotions and concerns. Told me the best way to proceed with moving out of my SO's house, without making emotions run high or drag things out.
Mar 30 2015
Member: annonymous
Patricia is always ready to listen and understand.
Mar 27 2015
Member: Seanna
Patricia has proved she can tackle *any* issue with caring and expertise. It's amazing to have someone so wonderful so easy to contact.
Mar 24 2015
Member: Seanna
Simply the best: compassionate, thoughtful, helpful, dedicated, an all around excellent therapist able to handle tough issues short and long term.
Mar 20 2015
Member: Shaun
Once again Patricia was straight to the point and got me to discuss difficult topics. That's what you need when trying to get to the root of difficult problems.
Mar 17 2015

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