Member: Lovepugs4456
Great doc
Feb 13 2020
Member: sonovan
Dr Kazic is one of the best specialists on this website. He was able to explain me in a few minutes what may have caused the condition i have been having for years. I will for sure use his services again!
Dec 20 2010
Member: shree
Nov 28 2010
Member: maiaoz
Good answer
Nov 1 2010
Member: letsurf
Dr Kazic's advice was amazing. I have been struggling with stomach and throat problems for years and have even seen a specialist that had no idea what could be causing it. I sent an email to Dr Kazic and he informed me of a condition that I have never even heard of from any doctor before. After I researched it the symtoms and problems of the condition they are exactly what I'm experiencing and I believe I have finally found the source of my problems. Thank you Dr Kazic!!!
Nov 30 2009
Member: JonathanWilder
Great doctor, answered all of my questions very well! Definitely hire him!
Jul 23 2009
Member: EricCConn
This physician receives my highest rating. He is excellent. The response he gave was actually useful. I can use to improve my health and that is what it is all about. He did not just give the usual blah blah. He gave reasoned answers. A+ Rating.
Jul 20 2009
Member: deanswanson
Very knowlegable, kind and reassuring. I will use Dr. Kazic again!
Feb 26 2009
Member: ginap
Dr. Kazic was very helpful for me. He answered all questions I needed.
Sep 30 2008
Member: ginap
Good doctor, gave me suggestions on what to do next.
Aug 26 2008

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