Member: dar_cee
the Tutor is excellent. I’m adding him to my favorite list.
Jan 25 2020
Member: User_seic7h
2nd time asking for help from him and he was still good.
Nov 25 2019
Member: Fahad
he just fixes a few rows in an excel sheet and very difficult to let him understand what I want so I gave up.
Nov 11 2019
Member: Ahmed
Sep 30 2019
Member: Ali Bashabsheh
Honest and objective, and submit in requested form and time, frankly I recommend him.
Sep 2 2019
Member: MBarnes
Was very fast to respond
May 19 2019
Member: Becca
Apr 29 2019
Member: Becca
Apr 21 2019
Member: Becca
Excellent, easy to communicate
Apr 17 2019
Member: User_gyrxch
Outstanding service, he really does understand the underlying concept of the material. Would recommend him definitely.
Mar 30 2019

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