Member: Student Tim
It was good to test my knowledge this week and learn some Hebrew and new examples of the counter teachings that could come up throughout the week. Sometimes i just say what is in the reading but today we looked at how the application can be a good thing not just theoretically I feel more empowered.
Jul 13 2020
Member: H16
Always knows exactly what to say
Jul 12 2020
Member: H16
Always kind and considerate and helps you find the best steps all while making you feel better
Jul 1 2020
Member: H16
Always inspires me and helps me find the right steps
Jun 30 2020
Member: Student Tim
we talked about some of my old patterns of dealing with strong feelings and looked at some scripture which is more outwardly oriented to others. it was a relief to see that other people can help me as I may have some tools to help them now.
Jun 29 2020
Member: H16
So helpful, supportive, and kind.
Jun 28 2020
Member: User_7416577
Robert was simply amazing. Positive, Inspiring and he instilled hope in my spirit... I am very grateful.. for the call. The wisdom he conveyed was exactly what was needed. He listened to my issue intuitively... and reflected with me on the best actions to address the situation. Thank you!
Jun 24 2020
Member: Student Tim
I learned this week to do some preventative work where I really think about the values I have and using them to draw out some of the reasoning behind my everyday actions and procedures for dealing with a health issue or emotional issue. also talking about the news is a way to be more involved and up to date as I get to process how others may or may not be as aware of some of the under the surface processing they do.
Jun 15 2020
Member: H16
Always supportive and gives insightful advice
Jun 10 2020
Member: TME270
Very good!
Jun 2 2020

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