Member: User_6337567
Sep 16 2021
Member: Cloud
Very good
Sep 10 2021
Member: Student Tim
Robert pulled a lot of different scriptures together to make a few simple statements to explain attitudes, and understand the changes going on in general contexts and also in personal situations. I remembered some of the Philippians verses from previous teachings and I am confident I will be able to go back to what works because I have a great support system in place where I can talk about the community and listen and generate lots of ideas!
Sep 6 2021
Member: Minnie08
Will always be the person I go to for advice. He is extremely smart and has a great attitude about things. He always gives me faith no matter what the situation may be. Thank you Robert Betancourt!
Aug 26 2021
Member: Cloud
Wonderful and insightful
Aug 15 2021
Member: Minnie08
Always keeps me staying positive and gives me amazing professional advice.
Aug 13 2021
Member: Student Tim
Robert reminded me of some truth about the heart behind money and how to talk to be sensitive to others remembering the source of money and how spiritually poverty is taken care of. Joking about cars and houses and things also makes me smile a bit. I am excited about reading more in proverbs and and being able to go over questions .
Aug 9 2021
Member: Minnie08
100% amazing advice. Really helps when my mind is in a rut and has helped me through so much
Aug 3 2021
Member: Cloud
Fantastic thank you
Jul 15 2021
Member: Hadley
This was extremely helpful and a positive experience.
Jul 2 2021

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