Member: Student Tim
Great text (1 cor 13) today on what heavenly rewards are and referencing contexts stirring me to remember the basics of my faith and talk about it as prayers and beliefs can help others and myself think about recovery rest and better relationships.
Dec 31 2022
Member: User_6117393
Sorry that my balance was depleted. Great session as usual.
Dec 23 2022
Member: Student Tim
Was ready to get started on changing circumstances todays lesson gave about 7 points that show caring for self and reaching out in love may require a little more prep still excited but also empowered.
Nov 28 2022
Member: Student Tim
I am excited about reading about faith and deepening understanding there is also importance to talk about other things surrounding passages like fear or evil or rewards. Robert reminds me to develop great friends and also make connections between the readings to pick up on taking corrective action for dealing with trends and using even the negative to an advantage.
Oct 23 2022
Member: Student Tim
This session I was able to slow down a bit and get a better understanding of rich salvation and go to verses for prayer. Robert showed me from a different verse the same things I learned at other time sometimes saying things a little differently brings out the meaning and helps memory all together along with good people skills.
Sep 19 2022
Member: GidgetBrody85
Awesome. Gives good advice.
Sep 8 2022
Member: genebean83
Great advice.
Aug 27 2022
Member: genebean83
Robert is good a listen and gives good advice.
Aug 24 2022
Member: genebean83
Honest and good advice.
Aug 18 2022
Member: Student Tim
We discussed new verses but also reviewed the basics especially with health, prayer, and perceiving the truth about God. I really enjoy the new words like propitiation (appeasing God or spirit ) as that was a new word but getting better at it. Knowing what the Bible says better helps me respond and think about the way I show Gods love to live a full life that is kind, loving, and loyal (even better than a Warcraft type character hero! )
Aug 14 2022

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