Member: Student Tim
This session I was able to slow down a bit and get a better understanding of rich salvation and go to verses for prayer. Robert showed me from a different verse the same things I learned at other time sometimes saying things a little differently brings out the meaning and helps memory all together along with good people skills.
Sep 19 2022
Member: GidgetBrody85
Awesome. Gives good advice.
Sep 8 2022
Member: genebean83
Great advice.
Aug 27 2022
Member: genebean83
Robert is good a listen and gives good advice.
Aug 24 2022
Member: genebean83
Honest and good advice.
Aug 18 2022
Member: Student Tim
We discussed new verses but also reviewed the basics especially with health, prayer, and perceiving the truth about God. I really enjoy the new words like propitiation (appeasing God or spirit ) as that was a new word but getting better at it. Knowing what the Bible says better helps me respond and think about the way I show Gods love to live a full life that is kind, loving, and loyal (even better than a Warcraft type character hero! )
Aug 14 2022
Member: genebean83
Good listener and great advice.
Aug 8 2022
Member: genebean83
Good advice.
Aug 6 2022
Member: User_cvt2ig
I have called Dr. Betancourt for many years, and he has always been honest, positive, funny, direct, and no non-sense with his advice. He will tell you like it is. If you are looking for honest therapy that will help you change your mindset and offer you a better quality of living based on your thoughts!!
Jul 16 2022
Member: clm4631
Robert gave me some things to work on and was very helpful with the areas I need to work on
Jul 4 2022

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