Member: User_bdde2e
Nov 23 2017
Member: User_bdde2e
Sep 8 2017
Member: User_bdde2e
Aug 11 2017
Member: HM16
the best on here
Mar 16 2017
Member: HM16
Just a great person to talk to, really helps you with whatever situation and helps you move forward. Always so happy to hear him out and take on his advice.
Feb 4 2017
Member: HM16
Always great to talk to and ever so helpful!
Feb 3 2017
Member: HM16
He is a wonderful and educated person to talk to. He has made me feel so much better about myself and helped me be more positive. I can't thank him enough. A true professional and I'm glad I talked to him!
Jan 27 2017
Member: User_edn6c3
Knowledgeable and helpful
Apr 29 2016
Member: breeze
Very helpful very nice and makes you feel OK even if topics come up unrelated to all of the subject matter at hand. A good person.
Apr 25 2016
Member: User_hhqqqc
Wow, I must say this expert is quite the professional. He took my situation and showed me a balanced view point. This means he focused his attention not only on how I presented the situation, but what role I was playing. His reflections had me take a look at myself as well as the other person. While doing this, He still managed to keep me as his priority. His truthfulness was put gently but he did not sugar coat his opinion. I am thankful to this expert. I will seek out his services again.
Apr 24 2016

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