Member: Ahmednano
I retract the praise I wrote below about this expert because of the bitter bad experience I recently have had with him these days for this reason: This expert is not quite honest in dealing with me. He was so useless amd trustless. As a result, personally no dealing with this expert forever. I cannot imagine an expert like him who holds a PhD and acts in this heinous behaviour. I do not infringe on the right of this expert as that he maybe does a great service for other students, but with me, I can't see any positive points at all. I retract the previous comment and I gave this expert a zero star on this service he made.
Apr 7 2019
Member: Alaa
Mar 27 2019
Member: Ahmed
As I have dealt with this expert Faisal, honestly he has done a great job even though there are some delays, but I excuse him because of the task I gave him was deep-scientific and requires lots of researching.
Mar 24 2019
Member: Ahmed Naser
Thanks, Faisal
Dec 2 2018
Member: User_8vhvzz
Very professional really recomended
Dec 7 2017
Member: User_34uptj
Very Good. Thank you.
Nov 11 2017
Member: Tobenice
Amazing as used to be always !
Nov 7 2017
Member: User_34uptj
Very professional
Nov 6 2017
Member: User_t57cps
the best
Oct 27 2017
Member: Tobenice
Sep 24 2017

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