Member: mlauck
Great session, helped me to see a different perspective on things
Apr 12 2018
Member: Reem
This was very helpful
Apr 1 2018
Member: Sam0416
Great coach!
Apr 1 2018
Member: User_8pnbgd
Thank you
Mar 23 2018
Member: sazzler
very compassionate and challenges my preconceptions
Feb 12 2018
Member: sazzler
I regularly speak to Iain as he centres me when things get a little jumbled in my mind. And he is very encouraging as well!
Jan 20 2018
Member: maria
Jan 7 2018
Member: sazzler
Iain dives deep below the surface to really uncover what is really at play. I'm pretty self-aware but sometimes we cannot see the wood for the trees, or a new way of tackling certain issues. He is very kind and caring, and will outline what you can do to change your situation. Highly recommend for intelligent, well-thought out guidance.
Jan 4 2018
Member: aamina_m
always very helpful and calmed me down
Dec 21 2017
Member: ori.8282
Mr. Morrison is an extremely intelligent individual. One thing I really liked the most, was his listening skills. He truly knows his field, but his listening is also artistic, I felt like he was really trying to take in what I had described. Not only was he highly empathetic, but also gave me more than 1 tool to use for each symptom I described. I feel like I have actual techniques I can use for the things I described. He gave me some short term and long term advice. I am very pleased with the conversation. when I initiated the conversation I was honestly feeling like I could understand my actions/feelings...his explanations in turn helped me feel less alone. Once I have more funds, I would love to hear his advice on other things I may experience. I feel hopeful :) Thank you Mr. Morrison, for your intelligence, tact, and empathy.
Dec 10 2017

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