Member: justme
Lisa was very understanding and companionate. Made me feel comfortable and excepting during the session. I am looking forward to connecting again. Thank You
Apr 13 2019
Member: finditnow
Incredible listener and great person to talk to. Highly recommend.
Mar 31 2019
Member: finditnow
Simply wonderful. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Feb 5 2019
Member: finditnow
She is Just wonderful. Super helpful and insightful.
Jan 4 2019
Member: finditnow
She's great at helping you through various issues.
Dec 11 2018
Member: Invino Veritas
Great. Sorry we got cut off for some reason.
Feb 17 2018
Member: j.doe110
Awesome talk!
Jan 22 2018
Member: Jay
Very nice conversation
Dec 24 2017
Member: Jay
Very good call
Dec 14 2017
Member: Jay
Enjoyed the call.
Dec 8 2017

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