Member: User_4362054
Very professional, prompt and responsive.
Dec 12 2018
Member: Benz
Always the absolute best!
Nov 22 2018
Member: User_q7ia5c
Second time using RJ's services. Very satisfied. Thanks.
Jan 24 2018
Member: User_q7ia5c
Very professional help with macros. I will definitely hire her again. .
Jan 18 2018
Member: User_6waij7
Very prompt communication and excellent product. Thank you so much for your help with an excel formula.
Dec 29 2017
Member: mangledgenius
RJ is attentive to your questions in asking what you would like to do.
Nov 28 2017
Member: User_h5b5dj
Very, quick and helpful.
Nov 26 2017
Member: mangledgenius
Always available, always reliable-RJ is a professional who will listen to your ideas and find a way possible to make them happen.
Nov 23 2017
Member: mangledgenius
RJ is the perfect guide to help and teach you through your questions.
Nov 11 2017
Member: mangledgenius
Always best knowledge always professional
Oct 18 2017

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