Member: User_a8xfju
Outstanding.. Really nice session...
Dec 5 2014
Member: User_r7v3an
Thanks Roland for a great session.
Apr 4 2014
Member: User_pxrwse
Helpful, would have spoke on phone but anyway some help advice. Thanks Roland
Oct 2 2013
Member: annonymous
wonderful insight and advice.
Mar 16 2013
Member: trivena
very helpfull, sometimes we need someone to show us another way
Feb 18 2013
Member: Tobie
Very good session, very good words of wisdom.
Aug 4 2012
Member: anavmc
Apr 27 2012
Member: User_smm3w4
Helped me with some "holiday blues."
Dec 15 2011
Member: User_smm3w4
Very helpful! Timely help working away overseas! Thanks
Oct 23 2011
Member: GodsTear
Sep 27 2011

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